Crane Game Secrets Revealed: Japan's UFO Catcher Academy ★ ONLY in JAPAN

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It's time to head to a Japanese Game Center dedicated to UFO CATCHERS also known as the CRANE GAME.
Glass boxes with pinchers you can control to win all sorts of treasure – if you have the skills and experience to do it.

In this episode of ONLY in JAPAN, John Daub travels to Saitama with Bob Werley from Pirates of Tokyo Bay and Alan Welch, producer of MY LIFE JAPAN to earn a diploma in CRANE GAME TECHNIQUES 101 from the Official Japan Crane Game Association.
It's the intro course at Game Center Everyday which also is the Guinness World Record holder for having the most crane games in one location. That's right! This place is the center of Japan (and the world's) crane game insanity! Not only can you win a lot of stuff, you can take their course.

Crane Game Skills (or Cheats) learned in this episode:
★ The Niagara Falls Method
★ The Triangle Method
★ The Overturned Table Method
★ The Hole Hook Method
and many more (* if you watch closely).

About the Japan Crane Game Association Certification / Diploma:

There are 3 levels available for certification.
Level 3 (Bachelors) 5,000 yen / 2 hours / Max. 10 People
Level 2 (Masters) 10,000 yen / 2 hours / Max. 10 People
Level 1 (Doctorate) 25,000 yen

We finished Level 3 in this episode which taught us 12 tips / skills in total with instruction and trial with a professional.

Everyday UFO Catcher Amusement / Game Center, Gyoda, Saitama

Address: 埼玉県行田市下忍644ー1
Telephone: 048-598-8649
Nearest Station: Fukiage Station (JR Takasaki Line from Ueno) 
Take a taxi (1000 yen) for 5-10 minutes to the game center. Google Map from Train Station to "Sekai Ichi no Game Center EVERYDAY" :

Pirates of Tokyo Bay
The best Bilingual Comedy Group in Tokyo!
On YouTube:

My Life Japan
Directed and Produced by Alan Welch


URL: (Japanese only)
* Info on certification, scheduling and machines in Japan

Thank you to the super talented TEKNOAXE

This show has been created and produced by John Daub ジョン・ドーブ. He's been living and working in Japan for over 18 years and regularly reports on TV for Japan's International Channel.
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