L.A. Marzulli: Is Full UFO Disclosure Imminent?

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The Apostle Paul caught a glimpse of the 3rd heaven. God rides on the backs of the Cherubim. Ezekiel saw a magnificent craft, a wheel within a wheel, that defies human imagination. Air Force pilots are coming forward describing their personal UFO encounters that they claim are "not of this world." Top secret government security clearances are being breached to warn the public that our military certainly does have the wreckage of alien craft, made from materials that do not exist on our planet. Are there female angels? Perhaps from the dark side? Who exactly are these interdimensional principalities and powers that the Bible describes? And why should a Christian even care about UFOs? Signs and lying wonders are about to arrive and we want to warn the world about the great deception. Join Gary and L.A. Marzulli as they take a biblical dive into the Scriptures. Full UFO disclosure appears to be imminent! When we go up, they show up?

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