Stephen, Minnesota: 1979 Val Johnson UFO Encounter

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Have you been to the Marshall County Historical Society Museum on E. Johnson Avenue, Warren, Minnesota? Visitors will feel the nostalgia of living in a small 1880s community through its historical buildings at the Settler’s Square. A stroll along the boardwalk presents attractions like a vintage bank, barbershop, tavern, school, church and many more. Its new 10,000 square foot-Visitor Centre has been attracting more guests because of its many exhibits, war artifacts room, collection of antique vehicles, and the so-called “UFO Car,” undoubtedly one of the museum’s star attractions. According to Sherlyn Meiers, Marshall County Historical Society Director, large crowds come to the museum just to see the early 1970s Ford LTD cruiser. And what is so special about this outmoded car that piques the interest of more people than a 1912 Maxwell, a Hart Parr Steamer, and a Studebaker Wagon of 1870s? The car with a shattered windshield and bent antennas is by all means not just any ordinary car. It was a central character in an alleged UFO encounter in 1979 which is popularly known as the “Val Johnson Incident” with Marshall County, Minnesota Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson as the sole witness of an out-of-this-world experience. Was it perpetrated by a force from outside of the human realm? Did Johnson face head-on an unidentified flying object?
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