The Creepy Missing F-89 Pilot - The Kinross UFO Incident

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In 1953, an unidentified and suspicious return appeared on U.S. military radar near Soo Locks on the border of the U.S. and Canada between Lake Huron and Lake Superior. Whatever it was, it was speeding across the sky at 500 miles per hour, and the Air Force scrambled an F89C Scorpion interceptor to investigate. As it met the unidentified object on the radar screen, the American plane vanished. No trace of the Scorpion or its two pilots would ever be found...

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Unfamiliar, unfriendly terrain, deathly traps, and a deceptive enemy were some of the obstacles that confronted American Soldiers during the Vietnam War. To keep soldiers alive, and to track the elusive PVA and Viet Cong soldiers, the U.S. Army had to rely on unconventional war allies - man’s best friend… dogs.

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