The Pentagon UFO Videos

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In 2017, three classified videos showing encounters between military jets and so-called "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" were released to the media. In the years since, the case has drawn global attention, as even governments are being forced to question whether we truly are alone. But are the videos really showing the real deal? Today, we will exam the evidence from each of the three encounters to find an answer.

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Below is a list of the music tracks and pieces of footage I used in this video. You can also find the full list of the sources of information used to research and inform this video.

- Thin Places - Jesse Gallagher (YouTube Audio Library)
- Tlakaelel - Dan Bodan (YouTube Audio Library)
- Leoforos Alexandras - Dan Bodan (YouTube Audio Library)
- Monumental Journey - Jesse Gallagher (YouTube Audio Library)
- Cylinder Four - Chris Zabriskie:

The scenes in this video were captured using SpaceEngine Pro, a virtual universe simulator:

Get SpaceEngine on Steam:

Most of the stock footage in this video was provided by . Check them out:

Some scenes in this video were provided by Motion Places. Check them out:

- US Air Force Videos:
- F/A-18F Super Hornet Demonstration:
- Superhornet Glare:
- Horizon Rotation Demonstration: (Mick West):
- Rotating Infrared Glare (Mick West):
- Star Wars Clip:
- Drones:
- ScanEagle Drones:
- Astronaut Footage:

(Incident-related Content)
- :
- :
- :
- USS Nimitz Pilot Report:
- US DOD Statement on the Incident:

(Informative Content)
- NY Times Investigative Report

- NY Times Follow-up Interview:
- Declassified Navy Documents:
- Wikipedia:
- List of UFO Sightings:
- To The Stars Page on Gimbal:

(Skeptic Articles & Content)
- Skeptical Inquirer:
- Debunking GIMBAL (Mick West):

(Interviews, News and TV)
- Vice Interview with Fravor:
- History Channel Video on the Incident:
- History Channel Video on the Five Observables:
- CNN Story Link:
- Stephen Colbert:
- Tucker Carlson interviews Fravor:
- History Channel:
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