UFO and MEDICAL EMERGENCY! What would you do? Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 283

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A call on the VHF from a local Bahamian family out fishing springs us into action! We get so much help and kindness from people in the places we visit, when we can help them out it's our way of saying Thank You So Much. The weather is changing and it's time to get a move on! We leave our beloved spot at the TTYC and seek shelter at Buena Vista Island for the night, only to spot some strange flashing lights in the sky. Is it a UFO or merely an atmospheric phenomena? We hope someone knows more than we do! After an awesome sail to Hog Cay we are in the middle of cooking Pigs In A Blanket for a party when we get an EMERGENCY CALL on the VHF. A local family was out fishing and their daughter cut herself pretty badly after falling on a conch shell. Since we have a huge medical kit onboard we got in touch over the VHF and organized for them to tie up to Delos so we could render care.

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