WHAT? UFO Sightings Increase 800% in India! Are Aliens Observing Humans?

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Hey guys, the UFO sightings in India have increased by nearly 800% in the last 10 days. I don't know why there is such a dramatic increase in the number of UFO activity, now you guys are sending me hundreds of emails , with these UFO videos. I truly appreciate all of your support. I told you last time, the UFO hot spot is Bangalore. Watch this from Bangalore.
You can see how he clearly explains UFO activities happening in Bangalore city. Strangely, the UFO activity is increasing so much in Bangalore, that we can even see it during day time. They start appearing during late evenings and early mornings. On April 20, They spotted a UFO in broad daylight. This is a picture of that. If you see here, you can spot this.
I will show you more from bangalore in a few minutes, but This one was shot in Mumbai city, let's watch this.
This is a disc shaped UFO being observed all over India, this is the most clear video, shot in Mumbai. You can clearly see the ring like UFO and inside there seems to be a pattern. Is it moving? I don't know. It is very interesting to zoom into this, looks somewhat like a sound or frequency pattern.
Of course it looks good, but it is not moving, and you may wonder if it is a planet, for example, planet venus or a star. But others have spotted, this disc shaped UFOs moving, this is one is from Chennai.
And you can clearly see, how fast this disc shaped object is moving. This is not a planet, this is not a star, and there are no planes flying in the air due to the current situation. So what is this? It looks very very weird.
Another UFO was also shot in the same state near Dindigul city, this shows how the UFO is moving and blinking, but it just completely vanishes. Watch this.
You can see how there is a star in the center, this is a star, and you see this UFO blinking and moving fast. I know this looks slow, but it must be really fast because it is moving at a very good altitude and see how it keeps moving past the star. but at a certain point it just vanishes and then reappears again, and then vanishes and re-appears again, and then completely vanishes. And this is the difference between an airplane and a UFO. Because airplanes do not just suddenly vanish. I wish we had a zoomed in video, but this is all we have.
And a similar UFO sighting was observed in New Delhi. This UFO moves in all directions very fast. This person explains her thoughts while making this video. Watch.
Initially you think it is an airplane, but there is no airplane, no drone, no man made machine that can move all over the place with this speed. So is it an alien spacecraft? Or is there some other explanation for this? Are aliens observing us more and more these days?
And this one is shot in the state of Uttarakhand. Watch.
Very interesting because these UFOs appear and then disappear, and then reappear and disappear. This is a weird behavior that we don't see with man-made aircraft.

And this next video is from Belgaum, Karnataka shows flashing lights again, vanishing and reappearing, it also shows how exciting it can be, to spot a UFO. Watch.
You can sense the excitement in their tone, when you finally spot a UFO, this is how you will feel. And I told you the city of Bangalore has become the Hub of UFO activity. This next video is from Bangalore, watch.
When they zoom in, you can see the ring shaped UFO, it appears to be a flying saucer. I received at least 50 emails, 50 videos from Bangalore alone, , I will show you more from Bangalore in a minute, but let us look at this footage from Rajasthan.
This was shot just a few of days ago in Bikaner City in Rajasthan, yes it is a disk shaped object hovering over the city. At least a dozen people have reported this UFO in the state of Rajasthan, and what they are claiming is very interesting. So this UFO appears late at night, hovers over the city of Bikaner for more than 45 minutes, as though it was observing the people and their activities. And then it takes off. This is very strange.
And this is one is from the state of Odisha. Very interesting to see this, 2 UFOs move towards each other at a very close distance. Watch.
Normally, airplanes will not go this close to one another, and this was also filmed in the last week, so there are no planes in the sky at all. No commercial planes, nothing because of current circumstances. So, it makes you wonder, what is going on? Why are we beginning to see so many UFOs in various states?
Now let us take us take a closeup of this blinking. This one was also shot in Bangalore. It looks pretty strange, watch.

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